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About Us
      The Beacon Project is a mentorship program started by a group of NSU students, which aims to connect upward bound young people with role models and partners who can help them reach their dreams.
     In general, mentorship programs seek to match a young person with an adult who can be a positive influence.  Many such programs seek to benefit youth who come from troubled or disadvantaged backgrounds.

     The Beacon Project is somewhat unique in that our goal is to focus on students who are succeeding, but who need access to a role model to answer questions and provide some guidance for the next step in life.  These are students such as:   

    * A young man who wants to own his own business, but has no idea how to start.
    * A high-school senior who has obtained a scholarship, but is the first person in her family to attend college.
    * A young lady who hopes to be a veterinarian someday, but it seems like an impossibly distant dream.
    * An intelligent young man who has some trouble talking to peers and adults.

     These are just some examples of the terrific young people who can reach their goals with the help of a role model.
These students have a lot of concerns about what the future holds... being able to talk with someone who is a little further down that same road is an invaluable gift.
     A mentor can make an incredible difference in the life of these students.  What we are asking, is for our mentors to meet with their ‘mentee’ about two times each month.  Take them along to a sporting event, or include them in an activity your family is already planning on attending.  It can be as simple as allowing them to visit your place of work.

                                For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).